The negligence or reckless actions of any individual which results in you suffering injuries in a subway accident, might entitle you to compensation. An excellent way to begin is to get in touch with a subway injury lawyer New York.

Over one billion people board the New York City subways every year. The state body in charge of managing all facets of the subway system is the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).  The MTA is responsible for the maintenance of a secure environment, carrying out inspections and supervising repairs to subway and subway stations. The provision of security cameras, adequate lighting, and warning signs are all inclusive. The MTA may be held liable for any accident that occurs occasioning hurt to any person if is as a result of harmful subway conditions.

A subway accident claim in New York has certain peculiarities as opposed to usual lawsuits for wrongful death or personal injury. Due to the fact that the MTA is a state body, there exists a shorter deadline for filing suits.  The length of time for filing a notice with the MTA is 90 days. Failure to comply with the stipulated time frame would amount to an automatic dismissal of the claim. It is, therefore, important that you contact a subway injury lawyer New York immediately the accidents occurs. There could be enduring consequences for forfeiting your right to redress by missing a time limit.


NYC Subway Accidents common causes

The MTA finds that a large number of subway accidents are as a result of trips and slips and falls on stairwells that usually happens when people are in a rush. New York subway passengers however suffer other personal injuries from several mishaps, which include; subway car crashes, broken facilities, inadequate lighting, abrupt train stops, operator error, paucity of warning signs, poorly managed premises, barricaded trails, platform injuries, turnstile injuries, electrocution, subway door accidents, derailments, and non-existent or insufficient security.