Several spy apps exist at present. One of the most familiar ones is Mspy, although others such as SpyToMobile, WebWatcher, FlexiSPY and are also available. They have the capacity to record phone calls and text messages. A keylogger installed in some can grab photos, get GPS information, record anything you type, and even extract information from popular free texting apps such as Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp. With a web-based control panel, a snoop can decipher all that’s happening on the mobile phone. Snoopers can attack an increased range of phones and do not necessarily require a complete access to your device.

Gadgets susceptible to a snoop attack;


It is quite easy to have a spying app installed on an Android device as soon as you navigate through the lock screen. The solution, therefore, is to ensure that the lock screen remains turned on and passwords, patterns or PIN for unlocking is secure.



Prior to now, jailbreaking was the process used to install third party apps independent of iTunes. Jailbreaking is the elaborate expression which connotes obtaining total access to iOS in order to get around safeguards Apple has installed. The process varies for various versions of iOS and requires time and knowledge to articulate; therefore Apple device was usually reasonably secure. A number of spy apps, markedly Mspy, do not require jailbroken devices anymore on the condition that the snoop can into log into iCloud through your Apple ID.


Windows Phone/Mobile

Neither Windows Phone 8 nor Windows Mobile 10 have any spy apps available for them yet. Some existed for older models of Windows Mobile, although now out of use. Provided that you remain watchful of your device and ensure the lock screen is on, then you wouldn’t have much to worry about


Important Tip: if you believe that a spy app has already been installed on your device, you would need to carry out a factory reset on your device after backing up all important data. It may be exasperating but it will put your mind at rest.