Keeping in touch with people can be a rather complicated business as traditional means like texts and phone calls have become more expensive and time-consuming. WhatsApp is an app for mobile messaging that lets you post WhatsApp status and exchange messages via an internet data plan that’s similar to the one you use for web browsing and emails, so it’s totally free.

You can use WhatsApp on any type of device, like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, and Windows Phone. You are not restricted to sending messages to a device that’s exactly like yours either because it’s multi-platform with more than 600 million users globally.


Keeping your community up-to-date via WhatsApp

If you are organizing an event for the community or have some important information for your community, then you’ll discover that WhatsApp is very beneficial. There’s a group discussion feature you can use to debate vital community issues so that everybody can contribute and have a say. And because the app allows you to chat from any location, you can use it on the move.


Managing people in the community

If there are a lot of people in your community, it’s always difficult to keep everybody in a loop. WhatsApp is ideal for organizing your community members because it lets you keep in contact with large groups of people.


Communicating cool stuff

In a situation where you have organized a community event through WhatsApp, it’s possible that you’ve taken videos and pictures. Sharing this information with some people can be difficult because they don’t have Twitter or Facebook.

Fortunately, WhatsApp lets you send videos and pictures for free. There are no restrictions either as you are free to send as many as you wish to an unlimited number of people. In addition, other people can share their WhatsApp status, photographs, and videos with you as well.