The moment you purchase a domain name, ICANN requires your registrar to provide your contact information which includes your name, where you live, email address and phone number, in its WHOIS database. This database is a searchable inventory that houses the contact information of all registered domain names. With an anonymous domain registration, your domain information is safe from the associated hazards of the WHOIS database.

The exact way you guard your privacy by keeping your number out of collections of phone numbers, is the same way you can guard your information from outsiders using an anonymous domain registration. Because of the prevailing risks associated with the cyber world, here are few reasons why you should make a resolve on using a private domain registration.

#1: It helps to protect your privacy

Identity theft doesn’t only occur in movies; real life situations also occur. With your contact information imputed in the WHOIS database, the chances of your information being misused gets very high. With a private domain registration, you don’t need to worry about this. The best information outsiders can get about you is your proxy service name.

#2: It prevents unsolicited messages

The fact that you cannot control who gets your information and for what purpose, on the WHOIS database makes you an open book for unsolicited information and messages. With a private domain registration, that can never happen.

#3: It keeps you in control

With a private domain registration, you have your contact information highly secured and totally under your control. Not just any Tom, Dick and Harry can have access to your private information.

#4: Helps you disguise your Email

When you use a private domain registration, the domain name registrar you register with is expected to create a unique email address that always changes in the WHOIS database – say, every 10 days– to keep spammers off.

If you are a person that constantly worries about the misuse of information on the WHOIS database, anonymous domain registration is what you need to exercise control over your personal information and keep it from prying individuals.