Fine wooden children's rockers and ride-on toys
Fine wooden children's educational toys from KidKraft.
Rockers & Ride-On Toys
Remember your childhood rocker?

Our children's wooden rockers and special ride-on toys make wonderful sturdy toys for kids that will give them beautiful childhood memories.   These fun toy rockers and ride on toys are sure to last your family for years.  Truly heirloom quality, our rocking toys have solid wood construction, carved wooden details  and fine hand painted detailing.  They are made by quality well known toy makers: Charm Company and KidKraft. 

These kids rockers and ride-on toys add charm and excitement to any child's room! Not only are they  great kids toy rockers but can also be used as wonderful collectibles.
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The Pink Poodle Rocker with Jeweled Collar & Eyelashes  82269
Pinto Rocking Horse
Pinto Rocking Horse by Charm Company 82191
Coffee Horse Rocker 82336 by Charm Company
Coffee Horse Rocker
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Leonard Lion Rocker 82238
Monkey Rocker 82405  by Charm Company
Bananas Monkey Rocker
Zany Zebra Rocker 82239
Leonard Lion Rocker
Zany Zebra Rocker
Blonde Rocking Horse with White Mane & Tail 82341 by Charm Company
Blonde Rocking Horse
Harry horse Rocker by Charm Company 82241
Harry Horse Rocker
Earenest Rocking Elephant Rocker by Charm Co. 82242
Elmer Elephant Rocker
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Dark Broun Horse Rocker 82373
Jack Giraffe Rocker by Charm Co.
Jacky Giraffe Rocker
Tipsy Tiger Rocker
Tipsy Tiger Rocker by Charm Company 82146
Little Dark Brown Horse Rocker
Charm Company's Shiny Pink Horse Rocker 82342
Brown Pinto Rocking Horse 82422
Brown Pinto Rocking Horse
Shiny Pink Horse Rocker
Pink Poodle Rocker
Butterfly Rocker 82328
Butterfly Rocker
Fire Engine Rocker 82369
Little Princess Rocker 82385
BiPlane Rocker 82389
Lady Bug Rocker 83288
Fergie Frog Rocker 82386
Lion Rocker 82376
Giraffe Rocker 82372
Dinosaur Rocker 82371
Bonita Butterfly Rocker 82384
Princess Carriage Rocker
Bi-Plane Rocker
Fire Engine Rocker
Plush Lady Bug Rocker
Fergie Frog Rocker
Bonita Butterfly Rocker
Toddler Giraffe Rocker
Lion Rocker
Toddler Dinosaur Rocker
Carlton the Cow Rocker
Carlton the Cow Rocker 82240
Freddy Fire Engine Rocker
Freddy Fire Truck Rocker 82401
Homer Baseball Glove Rocker 82272
Homer Baseball Glove Rocker
Pirate Ship Rocker
Pirate Ship Rocker 82400
George Grasshopper Rocker
George Grasshopper Rocker 83403
Sail Boat Rocker  by Charm Company 823413
Sail Boat Rocker
-55 Aqua Classic Pedal Car 82355
55 Classic Pink Metal Pedal Car 82317
55 Classic Sidewalk Cruiser Pedal Car with Flames 82319
55 Classic Aqua Pedal Car
55 Classic Pink Pedal Car
55 Classic Sidewalk Cruiser Pedal Car with Flames
Jalopy Fire Truck Pedal Car by Charm Company 82316
Fire Truck Pedal Car
Classic Green Metal Pedal Pick Up Truck
Green Pedal Pick Up Truck by Charm Company
Clifford the Big Red Dog Rocker
Mitzie Poodle Dog Rocker
Princess Pink Horse Rocker 82277
PrincessPink Horse Rocker
Pinto Horse with Brown Saddle
Petey Rocking Pony Rocker 82361
Petey Pony Rocker
Rocking Train Rocker
Red Car Rocker 82420
Red Car Rocker
Carly Catepillar Rocker
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SilverPedal Bi-Plane
Silver Pedal Bi-Plane 82398
Darren Donkey Rocker 82290
Darren Donkey Rocker
Digger theDog Rocker
Dotty Rocking Horse
Lil Pink Horse Rocker
Brown Horse Rocker 82446
Brown Horse Rocker
Happy Horsie Rocker
Yellow Car Rocker
Frog with Crown Rocker