Ever wondered what effects can a puzzle game have for your mind? And what about a young developing mind? There are some astonishing aspects to be covered in this topic and I will present you all about them in the following section.

With the help of Tiny Einsteins professional specialists, we have found that the major impact in the development of a kid’s brain is produced by puzzle games and video games. According to this statement, these are the basic skills and abilities improved using puzzles:

  • Recognition
  • Construction
  • Memory
  • Association

Improvement of the Executive Functions

A recent research performed by two specialists at NTU revealed that even a small amount of playing puzzle games time per day can improve the executive skills. The executive functions of the brain are responsible for everyday decisions when a sudden unexpected event occurs.

It is well known that different games train different skills. In this way, multiple types of puzzle games have been created and released on the market in order to offer the customers the availability of choosing the right one for their needs.

The domains of implications are wide and important, as more and more studies are being started and huge discoveries may occur in the rehabilitative, educational and occupational sectors.

Easy and Simple to Complete

One reason why puzzle games are so much appreciated is because they are easy to be completed. Varying from different difficult levels, you can choose the best one that fits your needs.

Most of the time, when completing a puzzle, you will be yourself motivated as you can actual see the improvements created, you have a visual look of what you have done and you will have a stronger will to finish it. These aspects contribute at the improvement of the motivational skills of your kid’s personality and are a perfect boost for his cognitive and concentration skills.

Another highly improved skill during a puzzle game is the mental flexibility. This cognitive skill is one of the most difficult skills to be trained and developed because it is hidden deep into our conscience and there are not many ways to depict it. The mental flexibility offers each kid the possibility of choosing and planning their future, even if their level of knowledge is not as high as of an adult, but different personalities may be created and developed, and dreams may come true to some of the most motivated ones.

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