According to researches made by the scientific personal at University College of London and QMUL, certain types of video games allow your kid’s intelligence to grow and to be improved.

Agility Boost

Even from a very fragile age, we learn how to walk and how to use our body parts according to the meaning of them. For example, we learn to use our feet to walk, our hands to eat and perform different tasks, and out mouth to speak.

Tiny Einsteins specialists recommend using video games for the young generation development as more and more of them are getting harder and more complex. This aspect comes along with the necessity of developing a greater agility sense in order to progress in the game and to reach its final.

More complex games are available on the market, which make use of both the video feature, audio feature and motion feature, but as you might expect, they are much expensive as the more simple ones. According to your planned budget, I suggest you to select the one that best fits your needs and fits the limit of your money, as the development of your kid’s intelligence is guaranteed in either one of these cases.

Strategic Skills Development

On you will find a wide area of strategic games that will help your kid’s mind to effectively blow. The strategic games developed for kids are like the ones played by adults, but with a lower degree of difficulty.

During this process, creativity and cognitive skills are highly developed as the games are specially designed in order to force the player to create certain scenarios for their mission. By the use of fictional characters, you may experience how it would be to be a detective or a policeman or doctor.

By testing all this cases, your kid will have a much realistic vision on how it would be to become the desired person, and will develop the necessary skills according to that.

Competition Sense Improvement

By far the most important skill improved by video games is the competition sense. Your toddler will learn that in order to receive a reward in his life, he must fight and pass through different challenges and opponents are inevitably trying to stop him.

The multiplayer games have developed on such a large scale that nowadays it is possible to make your kid make team with a person from another country, by using your Internet connection. With this, you will also stimulate the ability to incorporate inside a team and to divide each task into milestones.

“Divide et Impera” concept is again one of the most basic human instincts and it has few methods of being trained and developed. Video games make use of this principle to increase their users and to stimulate the peoples mind to invite friends and relatives in order to create a team together.