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Hopping Balls & Jumping Balls from Tiny Einsteins
Hopping Balls & Jumping Balls
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Betsy Bug Hopper Ball #82250
Betsy Bug Hopper Ball
Cando Kid's Jumping Balls
Cando Jumping Balls
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Rock'n'Rody Kid's Exercise Ball Toy
Rock'n'Rody Horse Exercise Ball Rocker
Petey Pony Hopper Ball 82253
Petey Pony Hopper Ball
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Freddy Frog Hopper Ball by Charm Company 82258
Freddy Frog Hopper Ball
Gymnic Hopping Balls
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Gymnic Kid's Hopping Balls
Fitpro Hop Along Pon Pon Hopping Balls
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Race Horse Hopper Ball Pair 82327
Race House Ball Pair
Kangaroo Hopper Ball 82343
Kangaroo Hopper Ball
Rody Horse Exercise Ball
Balance Platform Pogo Ball
Pogo Ball
Gymnic Hop on Air Balls
GymnicHop on Air Balls
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Ecowise Kid's Hop Ball
Ecowise Hop Ball
Pink Poodle Hopper Ball 82370
Pink Poodle Hopper Ball
Lion Hopper Ball 82378
Lion Hopper Ball
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Gyffy the Giraffe Ball
Raffy Rabbit Ball
Horse Plush Hopper Ball
Basketball Hopper Ball
Socker Hopper Ball
Bing Hopper Balls
Plush Frog Hopper Ball
Who doesn't like to jump on a ball?

Our children's hop balls otherwise known as hopping balls, hopper balls, jump balls and jumping balls and made of quality burst resistant PVC.  Some are decorated with fun animal and insect covers to make them even appealing to kids. Great for ergonomic sitting as well as jumping.  They provide a fun way for kids to get exercise and expend their energies.  The 55cm &  65cm hop balls can also be used by adults.

We also carry high quality kids exercise balls, fitness balls the are also good for ergonomic sitting along with exercising.  They especially help in forming correct posture habits for kids.  Pick up a DVD or book to help with ideas for exercises -  OR -  get a Kid's Ball Chair for use in home or schools.  These make wonderful gifts for any child and help in fitness and posture.
Plush Horse Hopping Ball
Plush Frog Hopping Ball
Hedstrom Bing Light Up Hopping Balls
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Basketball Hopping Ball
Soccer Hopping Ball
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Rody Exercise Ball
Ulyssa Unicorn Hopper Ball
Ulyssa Unicorn Hopper Ball