In 1877, the premier phonograph was invented with the aim to play and record songs. Thomas Edison, the famous entrepreneur revealed this amazing equipment. Ever since, and for about 140 years, several models of record players have been created owing to technological advancement. We shall consider the most modern, most prominent, best record player and turntables and the innovations at the time of their creation.

Idler-Wheel Drive: These turntables rose to prominence in the 1970s and 1980s.  The user’s ability to select the speed of the motor, therefore conducting a vinyl faster or slower was the most distinct feature of these types. Regrettably, one shortcoming of this technology was its poor sound quality.


Belt Drive: This next line of turntables was developed after the Idler-Wheel type. A novel technology was adopted by developers in creating the belt drive turntables:  The elastomeric rope in charge of spinning the record was adopted in the creating the Drive Belt. Producers were successful in absorbing the bad vibration that caused the poor sound quality as in the idler-wheel drive turntable, owing to the new elastic belt.


Direct Drive Turntables: by the closing stages of the 60s, the first units of this model became accessible to the public. Various essential components of the earlier models are absent in this one such as a belt or wheels. The motor itself which is responsible for the velocity and speed serves as the key feature of direct drive record players. The entire system is more reliable as the entire configuration has lesser components.

Digital Record Players: These are referred to as the new generation or most modern model of turntables or more specifically the best record player. There exist various types within this class, which includes portable record players or built-in record players. They could also be in several forms such as modern looking, vintage etc.