Kid's FunKeyboard & FunMouse Set
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Kid's FunKeyboard & FunMouse Set
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Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop Set
The Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop makes a great laptop for young girls!  It lets you join Barbie for some learning fun with a super stylish laptop that features 80 fun-filled educational activities.  Connect the mouse to the B-Smart Learning Laptop for a hands-on B-Smart experience.  This unique electronic features activities that will teach subjects including language, math, memory, logic, music, Spanish, keyboard skills, and more.  Learn the fun way with the realistic laptop style of the Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop. Barbie makes the learning fun!

Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop Features:

Includes mouse
Features over 80 different learning activities
Choose your favorite color LCD backlight
Use the included mouse just like on a real computer
Volume control or headphone jack provide quiet play
Earphones included for quiet play
4 Level grayscale animated bitmaps
Includes 3 AA batteries
Red LCD backlight 32 x 74 dots
Display 2.3 x 4.33
Buy your Kid's FunKeyboard & FunMouse Set NOW!

CP-BBL    Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop Set.............$52.95
Buy your Kid's FunKeyboard & FunMouse Set NOW!
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Prodigy Kid's Computer Desk
Kid's FunKeyboard & FunMouse Set from Tiny Einsteins
Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop Set