About Us


Purpose and Implication of Tiny Einsteins


The Tiny Einsteins Company in a transparent and a top seller of intelligent kids games worldwide. The domains covered through their activity include board games, memory games, puzzles, strategy games and hand-eye games. Having such a great area of occupation allows their users to be fully documented about the implications of each game/software in the life of their kids as well as the existence of a special Personal Assistance program.

The Personal Assistance program allows customers to have a personal staff member on a regular basis at their home and stimulate their kids growing intelligence.

Due to its high implication in this niche, Tiny Einsteins has become one of the top sellers of intelligent kid’s games across USA and attracted many small companies to affiliate with. This aspect was more than highlighted and appreciated by the Board members as it was the perfect opportunity to increase their advertising system and to multiply their locations.

Throughout its existence, the www.tinyeinsteins.com wasn’t always available to be interrogated, thus, many problems appeared and needed to be solved accordingly. In the following section I will present you the terms and conditions that stand as principles for the well-being of the company and for offering the best user experience possible.

Terms and Conditions


Shipping Options: When a purchase has been finalized by one of our clients, he may ask for the products to be shipped at his house or any other location. According to his demand, Tiny Einsteins will calculate a price for the delivery and will communicate it to the buyer in max. 10 minutes after his request.

Where’s my stuff? : In the case your ordered a package and it didn’t arrived in the expected time, please contact the sender company in order to solve the issue as fast as possible. If clear evidences of a fraud exist, you will receive a new package free to charge for you.

International Shipping: In order to ship a product to another country a number of checks must be made. As not all of our products are available to be internationally shipped, you must pay great attention when purchasing one. Also, the options available are by plane or by car, depending on the amount of money you want to pay for the shipping.

Member Card: When a purchase of more than $200 has been made, you will receive automatically a free Tiny Einsteins Member Card and you will benefit of 10% discount to the actual command and all the following ones during the current year. Bonus, you will have one free shipping of your products anywhere in your country, at your choice.