There are several methods to be performed in order to increase the intelligence of your kid. Apart the beautiful and efficient games available on , I will present you some very interesting ways to stimulate the growth of your toddler’s intelligence through entertainment and concentration.

Playing with blocks

Kid’s play with blocks even from the very own beginning of their life. Ever wondered why? A suite of protocol researches showed up that playing with blocks help kids develop and improve their cognitive skills, as well the ability of controlling different parts of their body.

Proper ways of teaching and Academic programs

Many researches have been made on this topic and even in the present it has been reached to a final conclusion. The results so far are expressed as the use of a proper teaching style and techniques to the different age kids will increase their interest in the domain object and will stimulate their IQ to increase much faster.

Learning through video games


For many years video games have been the major factor in the developing of a young child’s mind. In the present times, the technology advanced so much that this technique is highly recommended to every parent on Earth. By learning through entertainment, your kid will enhance its spatial skills and using its memory will stimulate the accumulation of a higher volume inside its brain.

Use of Gestures and Mimics

Cognitive psychologist Susan Goldin-Meadow performed some researches, along a team of specialists, and came to the conclusion that everyday words, events and even math lessons, if expressed using the proper gesture and mimics, have a greater impact on the kids comprehension, that if they would be just thrown in its face. The abilities boosted using this method are learning, remembering and focusing.

Deliberate choices

In order to obtain a higher IQ for your kid will need to let him choose what he wants to learn. Studies have revealed that kids perform with about 80% better in their domain of interest rather than another domain. Also, there is no need to say that the motivation is highly increased and the desire of knowledge and perfection is perfected.

Parental Security and Sensitivity

The best way to create a proper environment for your kid to develop is by providing him the most basic things in this world: sensitivity and security. He must be always sure that no one is going to move him away from its place, or stealing his toys. On the other hand, he must always acknowledge on how to share his things with the beloved ones. The sensitivity will make him feel loved and perhaps will stimulate his emotional side.

Presented here are just some of the most important techniques that can be used to increase your kid’s intelligence. Read carefully and try to apply some principles on your kid and you will definitely notice an improvement in his behavior.